The Iconic Cropped Leather Jacket and Sydney

Winter time in Sydney and Melbourne offers up weather conditions as divided as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With cool evenings in clear weather, comes warm daytime periods in the sun. When it rains, it does so with gusto, for days at a time. There is no one combination that suits every day perfectly. But there are some garments that can come close to suiting winter’s fickle nature, and one of them is the cropped leather jacket.

This look has crossed many a line. From beginnings as a punk fashion statement, it’s abilities to accent the length of an outfit – and a wearer – was quickly noted. Cropped jackets can augment your apparent height, while keeping your trunk protected from the cool winter breezes.

Meanwhile, the warm days can make your trenchcoat-length alternatives altogether too warm, keeping the warm(ing)breeze from keeping you ventilated when walking about town. You need something to bridge the gap, and crop-lengths are an ideal solution.

This look comes with an almost unlimited amount of potential combinations. With a ragged pair of jeans, it excels. Add a touch of class with a lengthy skirt. On those cooler evenings, pair it with a cocktail dress, or take it to work over your best power suit.

Of course, Torannce creates jackets that will last you. Made with premium leather and accessories, this is one look that you can wear for years at a time, without it losing an ounce of its charm. Julia Torannce Hemingway, our designer, has built a lineup that can be worn for years at a time, without losing lustre or sheen.

A cropped leather jacket is the perfect method of beating the cooler weather in Sydney and Melbourne, and we can ensure that you will be doing so with style. Check them out today.